Saturday, 13 April 2013



I have great news for all singers! the weekend from the 3rd to 5th May 2013 the CHORUS FESTIVAL 2013 will take place at The South Bank Centre! It's an entire weekend dedicated to the voice where workshops and gigs will be happening and 500 choirs from all over the world will be coming together in London to have a good old sing!

I am very happy and honoured to say that on 5th May from 3pm  will be performing one of my solo pieces with the incredible Goldsmiths Vocal ensemble (GVE). I can not wait!
The performance at the Royal Festival Hall is absolutely free, so come along and enjoy the gig!

The Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre
Sunday 5th May 3-5pm

w/ FREE morning vocal workshop led by ESKA & Alice Grant
11am-1pm @ Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer, Southbank Centre

This is the Facebook invitation, come come come!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Graeae Theatre Company at the Thames Festival 2012

This is just a little bit of footage from the performance of Graeae Theatre Company at the Thames Festival 2012.. the whole show was incredible, thank you guys!

Graeae was founded in 1980 by Nabil Shaban and Richard Tomlinson. They created productions involving disabled people, their shared vision was to dispel images of defencelessness, together with prejudices and popular myths, around disabled people...through theatre, workshops and training...

Make sure you visit their website to find out when their next performances are! You'll be amazed when you see them live.


Friday, 29 June 2012

Goldsmiths Big Strings

Hello friends,

Today the post is about the Goldsmiths Big Strings!
This project is a based string ensemble under the direction of amazing jazz violinist Julian Ferraretto in south east London.
All music is learnt and played from memory and cellist Jasmine Scott Neale (of MasQua) is taking part in the ensemble and today gave MasQua a really good insight on how interesting, new and exciting this approach to string music is.

The first GBS gig will take place at Goldsmiths Town Hall on monday 2nd July and then on November 12th at The Barbican alongside the Neil Crowley Trio part of the London Jazz Festival 2012!

Keep an eye on this great project and come along next monday to support these great guys.
We can't wait to see the performance!

Below is the flyer and here is the Facebook link:

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Hello beautiful people,

Today our blog is dedicated to an inspiring musical project that MasQua was able to witness live last week at the Jubilee Street Party in Deptford and that we all want you readers to know about: H2drOp!

Founded by extremely talented percussionist Nuno Brito and in collaboration with our digital alchemist Nathan Harmer (from MasQua), H2drOp is a concept of creating music using water as a fundamental medium engaging the audience in a physical, emotional and thoughtful way.

Nuno Brito has been working on his project since 2008 and has been carefully modifying his instruments to create specific sounds and tones when in contact with water. In a live show these organic sounds get transformed by Nathan Harmer through digital manipulation captivating the audience not only with exciting beats raging from chill out trance to more experimental landscapes but also through a very strong stage presence. Nuno seems in fact to be transformed into a Wizard when kneeling over a big  round seethrough bowl that changes colour depending on the mood of the music and stirring the water with his instruments. Nathan, completely in the zone seems hypnotised by the warm sounds that he is able to capture, loop in real-time and process making the whole room step up on their feet and dance!

Well... what more can I say... below is the website, I suggest you to have a look and keep updated so you can go to the next live performance. Do get in contact as people's feedback is very important for Nuno and his team.

Here are a couple of pictures taken on the night of H2drOp performance  :)
Enjoy the link!

Nuno Brito

Nathan Harmer

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bjork - Crystalline

Always a treat to watch this video! One of the most inspirational singer-songwriters of the last 20 years who is still is able to leave you speechless with her performances.. 'slapping you on the face' with her sound! :) 


Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Hello peeps,

Exciting news for MasQua,
Our EP 'MasQua' is now available on Amazon, here is the link!

Recorded in 2011 MasQua EP contains three tracks:
'My Goodbye'
'Red and Blue'

Lyrics by Angela Luzi
Music by MasQua
Produced by John Atterbury and MasQua
Mixed by John Atterbury
Mastered by Macc at Subvert Central Mastering

If you're feeling rich go follow the link straight away!!

THANK YOU for your support.


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tommaso Luzi - Arte a 360º (Art in 360º)

"I am immersed in art, it inspires me, makes me breath, live. My hands are tools of the mind. The mind word of the heart".

Hello beautiful people,

The day is finally arrived to talk about an amazing artist, costume designer, make-up artist, specialised in stage designing, cinematographic special effects and animatronics: Tommaso Luzi (quote stated on facebook page).

Born in Fano, Italy, Tommaso is the founder of T-FX, a group of several make-up artists, sculptors, masters of stage design, photographers and film directors that he coordinates himself for public events and films. His experience made him an expert of special effects especially in low budget productions, always maintaining the final product high quality.

The artist has recently fulfilled one of his dreams: now based in Wellington, New Zeland, he is working for Weta Workshop, best known for the works of "The Lord of The Rings", "Avatar" (just  to mention a few) and "The  Hobbit" - directed by Peter Jackson, currently in production on soundstages and locations across Wellington and New Zeland.

Tommaso's talent was noticed when he participated to the WOW Competition (World of Wearable Art Competition) based in New Zeland sending from Itlay an incredible creation called Warm Rebirth - a wearable fire-red phoenix with three meters long wings and three thousand feathers glued one by one; a careful and passionate work, full of meaning and sentiment.

As a stage designer and artist Tommaso has collaborated with MasQua once before for a great show at The Albany Theatre, London. He also created the famous three headed mask, symbol of MasQua, so we are really proud to see him go far and develop his career!

These are a few pictures and the links to follow his amazing journey.